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Are you trying to carry luggage for your road trip but you need more legroom in the car for the family? Have you finished packing but here stands by the road side a sofa you love very much but can’t fit in the back of the car? Or your car has no roof rack and now you don’t know what to do?

Well, I and my wife wanted to move to our new apartment downtown. We had everything stuffed in the back of our SUV, a Toyota. I’d collapsed the backseats and arranged out things and there was just about enough space for our two kids, a grumpy boy who didn’t want to live the are on account of his football team, and a girl who cried about her flower garden in the back of the house.

I was about to get in the driver’s seat when my wife asked me about the granny dresser. I told her that dresser was about a hundred years old. She said, yeah, but the kids love it. Then I told her we don’t have space for it. The kids said how about to the roof of the car.

I told them we don’t have a rack up there.

Classic moving problem, right? Right.

There are various ways I may have solved this debacle; I could do the trip two times, or I could skin through what we already packed and make a choice between the dresser and anything we felt we may not need.

None of those options were as great as when we have a roof bag. And would you believe it if I told you we left our car outside, spent another day in that apartment so I can get a roof bag?

Lord, was it worth it? You bet it did.

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Or was it the holiday road trip we went on last summer on a nearby lake with a couple of friends and their families?

As you can imagine, we had more luggage than we could carry. Roof bag to the rescue. Our friends were able to carry the excess luggage on the roof of their car without scratching their paint.

Because, quite frankly, we all develop some sentimentality without belongings – that pink sofa, the antique dresser in the bedroom, or that closet handed from grannies to grannies until we became the proud owner of an unusual heirloom.

Besides all this, moving isn’t an easy feat. And most times not so convenient when you have a lot to consider; space, time, and distance.

And oh, there are natural elements like the winds to consider. Not to talk of having a car with a roof rack but with no idea how to effectively take advantage of it.

You can gaze upon all you have to accomplish and your shoulders would drop in frustration. Plus here stands the family car – with or without a roof rack – on four awesome wheels but of little help.

What a world of difference it would make when there’s a roof bag!

Yes, a roof bag solves all of these problems – more space in the vehicle, protects the paint, good for stability when the wind is strong, and more. Order a roof bag today, you never know what exigencies may come.

At Bestroofbag, we got you covered.